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  1. GEMS Transition to Success Programs provides Project-Based Learning (PBL) during group mentoring sessions. The programs have been implemented in 17 sites throughout Hillsborough County, in elementary, middle, and high schools. Evidence-based program activities focus on social and emotional wellness. The theme-based curriculum includes fashion, cooking, journaling, entrepreneurial projects, skit productions, poetry, financial literacy, conflict resolution, bullying interventions, and media literacy. 

  2. GEMS Peer Support(GPS) addresses a gap in services provided to girls in crisis. Middle and high school girls in Hillsborough County are experiencing trauma at increased rates based on the Baker Act(involuntary detainment) data. GPS is a group focused on creating a supportive safe space for girls. The program targets girls between the ages of 13-17, who have experienced trauma(community violence, complex trauma, domestic violence, medical trauma, natural disasters, neglect, physical abuse, refugee trauma, school violence, terrorism, traumatic grief, and sexual trauma)and/or have been diagnosed with mood disorders, anxiety disorders, and/or substance abuse disorders, cannabis, alcohol, and prescription abuse). The groups will be available year-round once per week starting January 2020.

  3. Girls Rule the World Summer Camps - This is a high-quality girls-only summer program experience for underserved children ages 8-14 throughout Hillsborough County. The camp offers girls STEM Projects, Character Development, Art, Poetry Expression, Soccer Volleyball, and Soccer instruction.

  4.   Girls Empowerment Annual College Tour is offered to middle and high school girls in Title 1 schools. The tour enables at-risk girls to have a college experience, with guided tours of the campus, dorms, and student activities. The girls stay overnight in hotels, dine out in local restaurants, and enjoy area cultural activities.

  5.  Mother/Daughter Lunch and Learn Quarterly sessions hosted by trained professionals offered to girls and parents to educate families about puberty, decrease teen pregnancy and STI rates. The goal of the lunch event is to increase communication between mothers and daughters at this critical time of transition.

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